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kindergarten and childhood is our passion.

Early childhood development is critically important. At Montésteam, our experienced teachers and staff help facilitate this period of learning, and that’s what separates us from traditional child care facilities.

Research-based curriculum and individual learning experiences are integral to all the programs at Montésteam. Our teachers are dedicated and nurturing, which means their singular goal is to help your child meet milestones and become successful.

Our School Montésteam offers a path toward elementary school that will be personalized to meet each child’s needs.


unique learning environment

sparks physical growth and discovery while our creative curriculum, which combines the traditional and the progressive, supports each student’s growth.

Multilingual immersion

Redesigned pedagogy

Family school

Psychomotor activities


over and look around.

We will explain everything you are intereste. Join our new session. If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact us on the following details provided below or alternatively you can complete our online enquiry form also located below and we will get back to you as soon as possible…

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